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19 May 2019 23:23:51
I can't make Wembley this year due to my criteria and deservedly so, But what I've learned tonight at my niece's christining is nothing short of embarrassing IMO. My brother in law who has not been to 1 match this season paid £30 to be a away Villa member and has got a ticket for the final now for me I think this is wrong for the people who deserve to go as I've said this is not sour grapes for me as I don't deserve to go this season but surely as a club Villa should look the selling criteria for games attended instead of looking at money in their Sky rockets first.

I have been a season ticket holder for years and due to personal circumstances cannot attend as many matches as I'd like to but for those who pay and travel to home and away matches deserve the opportunity at least to buy tickets unlike my brother in law. As I've said this is definitely not sour grapes I've been their and got the t-shirt but a true honest Villa fan surely deserves a ticket more than somebody who pays 30 pounds become a member. Thoughts anyone?

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20 May 2019 23:06:15
It's difficult, he paid for a club membership which entitles him to the benefit. Surely when he purchased it, it was at least with the intention to go to more games and not specifically for this reason?
I'm still holding some faint hope there will be some tickets left tomorrow. I understand and agree with the system to an extent but the only reason I can't go to games regularly is that I live 180 miles away, not being there in person doesn't make me any less of a fan though.

19 May 2019 20:13:04
I think you mean Santa Ponsa don`t you Dave.
That and the Mcginn.
Is it the sun or the pop that`s getting to you.

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19 May 2019 23:27:26
Actually Dave, here they pronounce it Santa Ponca. I must agree the beer has been getting to me, but the sun only came out properly today . Hopefully we at least get another, couple of days . But am I bothered no, we are at Wembley, So what’s a bit of sunshine .
Onwards and Upwards Villaforever
Let’s hope we all have a day to remember UTV.

19 May 2019 14:28:59
I'm in Santa Ponca on my jollies, I had my My Villa shirt on tonight . Had quite a good reaction, had an Irish fan in tears, because he can't get a ticket . Had a Leeds fan, saying he hopes we stuff Derby and a Kilmarnock fan wishing, us all the best, but cussing us for nicking McGinn . The Kilmarnock fan also said, he's followed the Villa, since we got McGinn . I said let's hope McGinn scores,
Onwards and Upwards Villaforever.

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19 May 2019 15:50:31
Hope you are enjoying your holiday in santa plonca and back for Wembley.

19 May 2019 18:18:28
Dave weather just pickup, so hopefully it’s all go now .
Yes, got it planned well, back for the final .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

19 May 2019 19:34:45
Glad your enjoying your jollies Dave just a little fxck up their mate Mginn has never played for Kilmarnock I think you've had 1 to many Sambucas or the other fellas had 1 to many tequila slammers UTV and spread the gospel that is Villa.

Lewis Dunk

19 May 2019 13:02:25
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Ralph Hasenhuttl

19 May 2019 12:20:11
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Review Of The Day 19th May 2019

19 May 2019 07:29:14
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Review Of The Day 18th May 2019

18 May 2019 07:29:14
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David Brooks

17 May 2019 17:39:00
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17 May 2019 16:27:45
I have just watched the highlights of our 4 0 win over Derby, we played well and destroyed Derby, Taylor was missing from this game and Hause was man of the match at left back, he pressed high up the pitch and showed both his attacking flair and his defensive quality, I don't apologise for banging on about Taylor as as our only weakness, I just want Deano to get the message. Wembley is a wonderful opportunity to get back in the premier league and Deano should put the strongest team possible out on the day, this can't be the case if Taylor plays.

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17 May 2019 19:34:51
Good shout regarding Hause but I think Smith will stick with Taylor. I have been to every cup final/ playoff since 94 but this could be the biggest game of all. I would love to see Grealish lead us back to the promised land. It is going to be hard to concentrate at work next week. Up the Villa.

17 May 2019 22:03:07
I agree about Hause, Taylor has been better, but he still can’t put a cross in . Taylor even when playing better, is one of the most indecisive players Iv ever seen . He gets into some great positions, but hasn't got the ability to put a cross in .
Jack will shine at Wembley, he is a big game player, he will thrive in the big day .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

18 May 2019 14:00:41
Dave if we go up Taylor will not cope in the prem, Hause will, Wembley should be the start of our future building.

17 May 2019 22:41:13
Taylor has been solid defensively which is why he is there. His crossing is poor yes but a natural centre back is hardly going to be the answer to that.
I'd say stick with Taylor so that Hause is ready should Mings or Axel get a knock.

18 May 2019 15:54:47
Agree about hause.
But smith will keep taylor in team.
He has improved under smith no doubt but smith can't please all villa fans selections,
I have faith in him to pick who he feels deserves to stay in .

17 May 2019 08:09:44
Wot a turn around for the villa deano has done an ace job no matter what happens in play off final, i must admit i had my doubts bout him but u only have too look at the way the teams playing we have a style of play identity and a good shape, it must of took a lot of hard work on training ground, deano is a prem manager you can see it, i'm glad we are in safe hands a manager that we can all trust . UTV.

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17 May 2019 22:39:57
Villa4eva That is a big turnaround for you, you wasn’t to keen at first . But I’m glad to see you’ve been turned by, the Deano magic . You have to give it him, he is Villa through and through . Such a shame his Dad, with Alzheimer’s can’t appreciate, what his son has done, he would be so proud . let's hope he leads us all the way, back to where we belong .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.


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