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Review Of The Day 20th May 2018

20 May 2018 05:52:07
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 20th May 2018

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19 May 2018 19:31:45
This time next week we will be in the Premier League.

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19 May 2018 20:02:43
And pray tell, how do you work that out.

19 May 2018 20:16:41
Best change my flights then😅.

19 May 2018 20:20:13
I wish people would stop shouting and spouting off about what we are going to do.
More often than not it ends up being the kiss of death.
Let`s wait and see what happens next week, there are still two teams in it, Fulham have to be respected, don’t disrespect them before a ball has been kicked.
If we win yes we can all shout and brag as much as we like and nobody can say jack.

19 May 2018 21:34:03
How is it hard to work out the games saturday 26th May at 17.00 so this time next week we will be in the Premier League VillaMajorca when do you think the game is then?

20 May 2018 09:44:38
Steady on lads there are 2 teams in this final and you have to give Fulham the respect they deserve,
Yes I'm hoping for that win but who turns up on the day is the important thing to remember,
I saw on 1 other villa blog that out of our expected first team line-up all but 2 players have played at Wembley before,
Fulham on the other hand have only 2 players with Wembley experience!
So we have the experience but they have the younger squad.
We will just have to hope experience prevails,
My heart will not stand for extra time or God forbid penalties!

21 May 2018 18:33:24
Sorry thought that posted on Friday. calm done 😐.

19 May 2018 12:55:12
If we do go up would anybody buy Benteke back?

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19 May 2018 15:27:19
100%, would get a good deal aswell, confidence player and in a Villa shirt he knows he’s the man and he’d be back to his best, you don’t lose ability overnight. However you can lose form under poor miss management. I can see why some would be dubious however people who are completely dismissive seem to not understand the player he is, ie plays off confidence.

19 May 2018 15:53:43
I agree fans would love that deal so would the player and I think his a Steve Bruce sort of player. If we go up it will be a very exciting summer. I have my prayer mat out. Milner would be nice aswel.

19 May 2018 16:15:00
Nope, I tried to explain this last month, do people read what others are posting.
He is vastly overrated, sulks and goes missing, and is not an out and out goal scorer, he was ok first time around but not now, leave well alone.
I Think Austin would be a far better investment, has more in his locker.

19 May 2018 16:31:16
Was he vastly overrated sulking and missing when he was top 5 striker in the prem 3 years running with us Dave? What will we do for the 6 months a season Austin is injured? People do read what others post but just because you explained your point of view last month doesn’t mean that’s final. The way I see it is he never let us down, he is clearly a confidence player and would be available to a good price in today’s market, but that’s just my view, doesn’t mean it’s final, people can still debate it. In terms of strikers realistic and available that are proven and going to make a difference to the squad and help us stay up (if we get there) I can’t see how his not one of the top 3 options, done it before, proven, suits the style of play, doesn’t have a huge injury record and I don’t imagine he will be too pricey. Other options could be say Origi on loan, Abraham or someone really left field like immobile who has had a brilliant season.

19 May 2018 17:14:31
That's fine chris, you make some good points which we disagree on, I am not trying to change your mind, just as you will not change mine.
I don't feel he is the type of player we need, there is nothing to say he would perform for us the way he did, it has a habit of backfiring when a player returns to a former club, and they often fail to rekindle the flames of the past.
We will only find out if it happens.

19 May 2018 17:52:23
Sorry Dave, I’ve read what you put a few times but first time it read as though “I told you the score with benteke weeks ago and that’s final”😂😂 I do rate Austin, and he’d fit well, just his injuries put me off. Papers are saying we’re after a big money striker from Porto, never heard of him tho so god knows what his like.

19 May 2018 18:24:06
That's fine chris, not a problem mate.
Funny really because Marega is similar to Benteke, big and strong two good feet, and quick.
He has improved at Porto for sure, did not pull up any trees before he went to Porto.
He has played in France but would he adapt to the English game, who knows, would probably command a fee of about 8 mil plus.
Seen him play 3/ 4 times.

19 May 2018 20:39:46
See that’s where papers get carried away, their quoting 35 million, unbelievable. Going to be a good summer on here if we win next weekend!

Review Of The Day 19th May 2018

19 May 2018 08:01:59
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 19th May 2018

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18 May 2018 16:06:11
So Lambert gone from Stoke he says he is looking forward to a new challenge. Given his record I think his biggest challenge will be getting a new job.

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18 May 2018 16:26:42
Never seen so manager's getting the boot!
And still more I reckon to add,
And mostly the same manager's to boot as usual,

19 May 2018 08:47:11
I feel for Lambert.
At Norwich he was their messiah.
We pinched him, gave him limited funds then no funds and he was on his way.
Since then he has had dead end managers roles as at Stoke.
They were ready for the drop when he went there, having got rid of Hughes the players resigned themselves for relegation.
Lambert will never get a top managers job but will possibly end up in champs or lower.
However he has been paid well and received several healthy pay outs when leaving and now is a wealthy man.
Not all a failure.
Doesn't need a job anymore.

18 May 2018 08:38:17
Watched the blues game v Fulham and all they done was sat deep and narrow an closed them down fulham had no plan be if we do this an hit them on the break we will win. Hope Bruce watches the same video I did. can't wait now We are nearly back where we belong. UTV.

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18 May 2018 12:32:26
I hope he doesn't god help us if he watches the same video as you didn't know you was a game anyalist also KFA I mean WTW?

18 May 2018 12:52:19
I agree WTW, get in their face, close them down and commit people to the counter don’t just leave Grabban up top on his own, get bodies around him quickly. Last two home games against them we pressed them high and didn’t let them play out from the back and in both cases it led to Villa wins, I think that would be too risky on a big Wembley pitch. So sitting back, pressuring and picking them off sounds the best bet.

Review Of The Day 18th May 2018

18 May 2018 06:23:04
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 18th May 2018

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Review Of The Day 17th May 2018

17 May 2018 06:56:54
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 17th May 2018

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16 May 2018 21:00:16
Has anybody else got the feeling that the final will be decided by the odd goal and John terry will get the winner. Just meant to be.

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16 May 2018 22:09:47
Yes to the score, no to JT scoring.
We need him to stay home and put Mitroviic in his pocket.
Leave this bloke on his own and we will be punished. Class player that should be in the prem, hopefully with AVFC.
Is he on loan to Fulham?
I think it is a diet of raw meat and cottage pie through to 7pm on the 26th.

16 May 2018 19:50:39
Just in before we even get close to the final next week, the year we went down we watched a team who put in 50% every week, we're only here for a pay check and didn't care to hide that. We sung nearly every week "we want our Villa back" and after watching the last two games, irrelevant of the result next week, we've got our Villa back. These lads genuinely care and put in 200% for us, last night we wasn't our best in terms of football, no where near the play we have seen at points this season, however in terms of effort, I haven't seen a Villa team give as much as that in a long time. I can't think of a loan player who has give us as much as Snodgrass has, if you didn't know better watching last night you'd think he'd played here all his life and Villa was his boyhood team. Hourihane the same, when you thought they was knackered last night and someone would be breaking through, out of no where one of them would come flying from no where and get the ball back. You could go through every player but they would 100% run through walls through brick walls to get the result last night. The final is 90 minutes and if we bring that level of effort and even a half of the football and endeavour we did against Bristol, Wolves then I think we definitely have enough to win, Fulham are very good and unlucky to not make automatics but they bottled it last year, bottled the chance to go up automatic on the last day against Blues and they are 110% beatable, like everyone I'm nervous but they aren't Barcelona, let's play our game and get back to where we belong. I hope and pray we go and get this result, for us the fans, for the players themselves and mostly for Bruce after the year his had. But as I started off with, irrelevant of the result, we have for the first time in a long time a manager who is 100% commited, and a squad who want to play for us and give us everything they've got. We've got our Villa back.

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16 May 2018 20:29:30
Chris, great post . As you say we now have our Villa back .


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