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10 Jun 2019 23:44:13

Hause mings barbet tierney

El ghazi drinkwater benrahma

Maupay sturridge/ welbeck Austin/ Rodriguez

All these been linked would make us strong


Guilbert barbet mings tierney

drinkwater mcginn

Benrahma Grealish el ghazi


Steer hause Elmo hourahane jota welbeck Austin.

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11 Jun 2019 17:13:31
To many money grabbers on that list. Sturridge and welbeck won't be bought in for a start.

10 Jun 2019 14:40:43
I have just been watching Guilbert on you tube like somebody on here recommended.
He looks quality, gets forward, likes a tackle, and can cross a ball well.
He looks a very useful player, he is young, and judging by his last club he is also very loyal.

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10 Jun 2019 23:46:22
Let's hope he follows up the YouTube clips like el ghazi has more than tonev did.

Formula 1: Canada Talking Points

10 Jun 2019 10:13:09
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09 Jun 2019 19:21:24
Without sounding like a pessimist and I know in Dean we trust but if we don't sign some proven premier league quality we will struggle I'd like arter or drinkwater CM, God knows what striker need a LB and a cpl wingers GK I'd go for forster and if we don't sign tuanzebe need another CB.

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09 Jun 2019 21:50:02
Not sure how to respond to that remark Djb.
Don`t you think Deano knows what we need?
Remember that all players start and progress from novice status and some mature into great players when others don`t.
And as far as signing proven premier league players, that would not guarantee anything, N`zogbia, M Richards, J Lescott, T Cleverley spring to mind.
Deano and the club will bring in players who they feel will bond and do a job as a team, that will take time, some we buy will fit in, others won`t and we have to understand that.
We have weeks to get people in, be patient all and enjoy all the speculation it`s great fun.
You say in your post in Dean we trust, “show it then”.

10 Jun 2019 08:45:12
I quite liked Tom Cleverly Dave haha. I agree with you though mate, McCormack was proven championship, didn’t get us very far. Most of the “proven prem” players who will be available, are usually available for a reason, back end of their career, going downhill, looking for a pay day, them sort of reasons. Going and signing a load of guys like Austin for example, who are proven prem but coming to the end of their careers in the top flight will only set us up miserably in the following few seasons. Look what Burnley did when they came up, signed a few players, went back down but kept the core together then basically walked the championship went half a season unbeaten and have been prem ever since even getting Europe at one point.

I’d much prefer us to take a chance on young hungry championship and a few foreign buys that’s for the system, develop them and stick with Smith and stick with the new system no matter what. Because come one two seasons time, the players we bring in will be considered “proven prem”.

Saying that I’m guessing Drink Water is 28, I think he’d suit the number 6/ defensive mid position for us well, went all the way with Leicester so must be good in the dressing room, has just been done for drink diving so maybe attitude has soured but that’s problems for Smith and co to consider.

09 Jun 2019 17:30:32
Just watched some videos of Guilbert
Looks like he can play a bit and loves a tackle
Got to be given a chance
Centre backs an left back priority

Guilbert axel mings amavi 😍.

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10 Jun 2019 08:46:07
I just read somewhere Marseille are in trouble with FFP, Amavi seemed to love his time here, wasn’t coached properly the whole time he was, imagine him under Smith, fits the bill perfectly!

Review Of The Day 9th June 2019

09 Jun 2019 07:29:15
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08 Jun 2019 20:49:17



El ghazi


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09 Jun 2019 11:18:11
That's a whole lot of money being spent in that 1st 11, what we doi g for the rest of the squad using the kids? The lrem is less games but it's stl a long season, it's a squad that will be needed. A few more of the players from last season will be needed to play. Chester, steer.

08 Jun 2019 19:11:04
Alright boys new to this but been following this page for 2 years now. I think I'm the only one who doesn't want tammy, yes he did wonders for us but a lot of the goals come from brilliant assists. He did nothing at Swansea. Just think with the 25 mill asking price we could do a lot better. Maxi Gomez would be brilliant even Sturridge on a free (if he stays fit) we need a prolific proven striker not a gamble or any championship scorers.

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08 Jun 2019 19:22:33
Hi Az, Welcome.
You need to read the posts mate, I have said before I would prefer we left him well alone.
Leave Sturridge alone as well, you have said not to gamble, Sturridge would be just that a gamble.
In truth any signing is a gamble.

08 Jun 2019 19:56:47
Thanks mate. you're right, just saying Sturridge out of his history in the prem. Definitely any signings a gamble think it to early since we're linked with everyone at the moment.

08 Jun 2019 20:43:00
Thanks for your reply Az, good to have you on board mate.
As you say we are linked with everyone.
Great news about El Ghazi.

10 Jun 2019 09:30:16
Not Sturrige! He only plays for himself and is never fit for more than 2 games at time.
The Ashley Williams rumours should be killed stone dead - too old too slow, legs gone, prone to mistakes. Elphick was better bet than him and he has gone. Not sure about Cahill.
desperate for a left back and GET MINGS!

08 Jun 2019 18:29:04
Hi Chris, I said I would get back to you when the dust had settled.
I know that some of the players mentioned below are similar, but you do need a few more options available to you in the premiership, sorry mate no "Benteke".
If we had most of the players below, I am sure we wold be one of the most direct teams in the country.
Move out :- Hogan, Kodjia, Bjarnason, Lansbury, Tshibola, etc
Tyrone Mings
Leighton Baines (free)
Kortney Hause
Moussa Niakhate (Mainz)

Forwards/ Midfield
El Ghazi
Keymar Roofe
Neil Maupay
Jared Bowen
Bradley Dack
Valentin Rongier
Jonjo Shelvey.

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08 Jun 2019 20:17:26
Alright Dave, that Rongier looks a right player. Think we’ll need minimum 10 in after we get rid of some more. I’d probably say:
A Keeper: steer was a hero but the two challenging him were shocking when they had the number 1 shirt so it’s not exactly healthy competition, Timo Horn who plays for Koln in Germany has just been promoted back to their first top league but from what I’ve seen he should never have been in the second division in the first place. Don’t know if he’d come maybe he’s a boyhood fan but worth a try.
A leftback: Taylor is probably good enough for back up but need a fresh face in, to fit the style they probably need to be able to play a bit not just defend, Dasilva who was at Bristol last year on loan would be a cheap option but if they want to go for it see if you can get Danny Rose out of spurs, still in his prime, doesn’t play as much as he should.
Left sided centre back: easy, Mings.
Right sided centre back: Chester killed himself for us last year and age is catching up, if we can get tuanzebe we need someone just as athletic, Pavard at Stuttgart, they aren’t pulling up any trees haven’t got Europe, he’s young fresh, maybe ambitious but wait until we’ve made a few of the other signings and maybe be able to tempt him.
Left mid: El Ghazi, keeping part of the promotion team, used to smith and co, getting better and better.
Centre mid: depends what they want really, defensive player I like your shout of Shelvey, or maybe go abroad for Sangare at Toulouse, again no Europe, we can probably offer better wages. But then if we want a ball player then Rongier seems the best option.
Right mid: go foreign, go big, match winner, maybe Oyarzabal at Sociedad, failing that I really like Jarrod Bowen.
Striker: Maxi Gomez, maybe because we was mentioned with him the other day, and probably massively dreaming but Celta Vigo struggled last year maybe give him a route to the prem.

All the players mentioned are young and hungry, we are in a brilliant position now with all the oldies on big wages gone, we must capitalise. All the foreign players I think are just about feasible, due to their teams not being in Europe, maybe struggling last year or other circumstances.

No matter who we sign, in Smith we trust, he showed at Brentford he can find players to suit his system and get the working well!

And the people working behind Smith on transfers gave us Hause and Mings in January, so no reason not to trust them!

08 Jun 2019 20:55:45
Hi mate, some good noises there chris.
Like you I think we are in great hands now and support anything the club does.
None of us will like everyone they bring in but hey people do grow on you, ask my wife.

08 Jun 2019 17:26:23
Ok so if we have 120m
How about this :

Butland (25m)

Guilbert Cahill mings (15m) Moreno

Hayden (10m) mcginn

Benrahma (10m) Grealish el ghazi (10m)

Abraham (25m)

Steer Chester hause (3m) hourahane jota (4m) kodjia Austin (5m)

Green Lansbury Davis taylor Elmo Etc back up.

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