09 Jun 2018 17:10:15
Is there really truth about this spurs bid of 15mill plus 2 loan players!
This is a typical levy ploy to get players in on the cheap,
If we accept this type of deal then I would very upset,
We would have more chance of getting a higher figure from Leicester or even Fulham come to that,

1.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 15:25:36
It would all be in tots favour, they get jack on the cheap and we get to enhance two loanees for them. Are they havin a laugh. We can blood our own thanks very much and jack ain't going cheap.

2.) 11 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 12:00:44
We all know Grealish will be sold but if Villa let him go for less than 30M they are even more foolish than I thought - 15M in todays climate is laughable.

The big question for me is how does the sale for Grealish really impact the club - Are we selling him to maintain the rest of the squad or is this a temporary solution to our financial woes? If Grealish going allows us to maintain the core of the squad while add a few shrewd signings and integrate some youth then I can swallow that but - If Grealish will be followed out the door by Kodjia and Chester then Xia needs to go as our club is in massive trouble.

3.) 11 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018 18:24:28
There is some truth in most rumours, but if jack is to go then other clubs will be involved which means that particular bid would probably not be the bid to attract him or the interest of Villa. let's not forget that Jack is also under contract at Villa until 2020 so clubs are not allowed to approach Jack without the clubs consent so Villa still hold the ace card.