03 Jan 2020 12:22:57
Anybody hearing anything on signings via the grapevine?

{Ed002's Note - Putting aside timing, there has been interest in:
Sam McCallum (LB)
Danny Drinkwater (CM) loan - this might happen this month
Eric Dier (DM) looking unlikely
Pedro (RW/AM) Free Agent in the summer - won't be interested
Michy Batshuayi (S) want a loan but will not be able to buy due to serious financial issues that are going to hit Aston Villa - Chelsea have no interest in letting him go in January with Giroud leaving
Alexander Mitrovic (S) can't see it
Kelechi Iheanacho (S) no chance
Said Benrahma (S) others are keen
Daniel Sturridge (S) last resort}

1.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 14:38:35
Are Villa looking to sell Grealish to counteract the serious financial issues? Is there any interest in him from other premier League clubs?

{Ed002's Note - Not immediately but Jack Grealish will certainly leave if AV are relegated and may need to be sold for FFP reasons regardless. I am not aware of any approach for him.}

2.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 14:39:22
What serious finacial issues with are going to hit Villa? If you are on about FFP we went up spent the tv money so there no issue there and if we stay up the club will get money again. there's a waiting list for season tickets so we are making money that way plus there will be the dead wood players leaving no there no money issues!

{Ed002's Note - Aston Villa have a significant FFP problem as the books are not being balanced.}

3.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 15:40:26
Rubbish books are fine purslow said we are fine at last meeting.

4.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 15:56:02
Dean Smith said today our owners are rich we are not selling Grelish others can look but not touch that was his words not mine. there's no issue with FFP at all Purslow said our club will not be in any financial problems at all with these owners and they want to build the club not sell off its prize assets. These are from actual words from people at Aston Villa so sorry Edd I will go with what they say more. All this talk about relegation sounds like you want us to go down we are not in the bottom 3 are we last time I checked? If we go down yes players will go but you could say that about any club! UTV.

5.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 16:52:56
Ed 002 still awaiting your response to my post, you assert we are in trouble, it was a genuine question where do you get your information that contradicts what purslow is telling us, one of you is right, walkies thinks you have an agenda.

{Ed002's Note - I have not seen your post.}

6.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 17:44:09
Gotta agree with Walkies and Cafu, the owners are minted, minted people have the top lawyers and accountants that can find loopholes iif they are actually needed in our case. Maybe somebody could verify this, if we were to go and buy a £50M striker tomorrow, the selling club wouldn’t get £50M cash straight away, it’s payed over the length of the player’s contract in instalments, so even with us spending £130M in the summer, we haven’t actually handed over £130M yet and definitely not in the financial Year whenever that begins and ends. I guess someone is going to say wages but a fair few players that left or were released were on big money even in the Championship 🤷🏼‍♂️


{Ed001's Note - you clearly do not understand FFP. Waste of time talking about it as none of you have a clue what you are on about.}

7.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 17:50:18
Why is people still on about ffp! Why would club spend 130 million at start of season on hopefully players knowing that they would have to sell the likes of grealish in january it don't make sense . Stop worrying about paper talk . I can't believe we have had complete spine ripped from team need to spend money now and get some top players in . i watched keeper come on for heaton he's a descent keeper so don't think we need one . I think will get midfielder from leeds striker from brentford and either giroud or sturridge and that will be buisness done 👍.

{Ed001's Note - you clearly struggle to read. Grealish would only need to be sold if you are relegated and you spent the money in the hope of avoiding that.}

8.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 17:48:02
The question was the same as my latest post.

{Ed002's Note - Nobody has suggested that Grealish will be sold in January. Why on earth would I have an agenda? Suggestions that the owners are wealthy have nothing whatsoever to do with FFP. I have not idea what Purslow said nor when he said it, but there is a major FFP issue that will cause problems for Aston Villa. It is clear from reading the posts that none of you seem to understand FFP nor what is required to balance the books.}

9.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 18:46:56
Ed002. You answered a questioned moments ago Saying villa have significant problem with ffp . My question is why would they have spent all of there tv rights if they new it was going to get them in trouble with ffp. They are clever buisness man and have brilliant people around me . I was in directors box couple of weeks ago and no one mentioned anything of the sort. If know one understands ffp it might be you mate . Up the villa and do one all haters and clowns.

{Ed002's Note - It has nothing to do with TV rights - the club is loss making and cannot sustain it. Purslow lied to the fans about the stadium in June as they tried to leverage funds by an internal sale of the stadium. The question is complete nonsense.}

10.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 19:00:17
You have to earn more than you spend and in Villas case we are close to it. It don't matter if our owners are rich or not we have to live within our means.

{Ed002's Note - Not taht close, otehrwise they would not have the problems that they do.}

11.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 19:11:11
I must say this is a very emotive subject and I have to agree with you Ed.
I am pretty sure the beast (FFP) will raise its ugly head come the end of the season, the point keeps being raised and that usually means there is something festering away under the surface.
I have seen Purslows statements and he is not going to say we are in trouble is he now.
I did touch on this in a post I submitted on 31st December and nobody responded, as usual, and I felt we would have to sell Grealish to balance any discrepancy in the books.
We still have a problem, of that I have no doubt.

{Ed002's Note - When were the Purslow statements made? Nobody seems concerned that Purslow lied about the sale of the stadium to the owners - even after it had happened.}

12.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 19:13:20
I must admit Ed I'm not too clued up on the mains ins and outs of FFP would this mean we could have points reduction in the PL or if we was to get relegated a points reduction in the Championship or would it be a transfer embargo in the PL if we was to stay up.

{Ed002's Note - I would not want to second guess any punishment if it went that far. Initially the club need to find out the extent of the problem and look at selling players as a solution. The Premier League may not allow the sale of the stadium to another company as acceptable income. It is shady and hence subject to investigation.}

13.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 19:15:05
Yes but isn't the 130 million ( tv rights ) profit . So why would 2 very successful buisness men come into a buisness without there eyes open amd think hold on if we. Spend all this money were in trouble?

{Ed002's Note - You don't understand the finances - it would be far better to concentrate on the football and not the money.}

14.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 19:20:29
March 19th last year mate.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks Dave.}

15.) 03 Jan 2020
03 Jan 2020 19:24:54
Cheers Ed looks like we could be in the right do do then.