24 Sep 2020 23:20:07
Tonight proved how still need good, defensive cover . Fair-enough Engels is injured, but when you have to play Elmo at CH, it shows we are lacking . I like Elmo, he is a good squad player, will have a steady game, wherever you play him . Another problem is LB, Taylor is just not good enough . Targett gets the nod over Taylor, simply because he is better going forward. But defensively not a lot better, time and again he tends to loose his player. When you see some of the good young LB who have had transfers, it makes you wonder why we showed no interest. A good LB and LW would turn us into a really good side .
I think our buys so far are looking, really good .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

1.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 00:52:16
Agreed on all of the above Dave. I must admit i was surprised/ disappointed that one of Revan or Bridge didn't at least make the bench today. I suppose they might be under consideration to go out on loan or something but given the clubs vision for its youngsters I struggle with the logic of playing older players out of position in a league cup game against championship opposition rather than giving a couple of 20 yr old centre backs a bit of game time or at least bench experience.
Don't get me wrong, really happy with the overall direction of the team and plenty of positives to take from tonight, just a tad frustrating as would've been a good opportunity to give the next generation some exposure.

2.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 07:32:20
I agree with you DBS I can only think that with the exception of Ramsey he doesn’t rate the current crop of youngsters sufficiently to play them.

3.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 09:52:55
Davedean82 - we looked good tonight, but with our lack of defensive quality we'll get found out big time against teams that play at pace, and because we have no real leader (yes mings springs to mind, but that's not enough) I hope we bring in an old battle horse, a Craig Dawson or wes Morgan type, as in maybe not the best but it's what they bring to team in spirit and grit that matters, hopefully we'll do something before the window closes, I'd rather have an experienced defender than another one with 'potential', personally I'd bring in 2 old warriors and rotate them, but each to their own, maybe deano will surprise us all!

4.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 10:23:14
Class you mention other teams with pace will do damage to us yet in the same breath you then mention we should get 2 old warriors with no pace at all come on my old China what's it's to be?

5.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 10:35:23
Craig Dawson or Wes Morgan? Got to be a wind up.

6.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 11:07:06
Konsa is better than Mings imo he will be one hell of a player.

7.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 11:46:27
Further to what 82 said and I agree with him, I’d be looking at Cahill or Pontus Jannsen types though, squad players, leaning towards saying get Sturridge in for experience up top too, be creative, can’t always go for players with potential/ sell on value, we don’t need to be a selling club with our owners wealth


8.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 12:37:00
We'd probably be better off with Les Dawson and Piers Morgan 😁.

9.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 12:58:44
We should go get Tuanzebe or Mepham. I think Engels is done. I know he’s injured just now, but I think the Trust has gone. Maybe that Spurs game did for him in Smith’s eyes?

Also. I love Konsa. He has an almost limitless ceiling that boy. But right now I don’t think he’s better than Mings. Against Sheff Utd, Martinez and Mings talked him through the game. he’s becoming as good as he is because Mings is helping him. Imo.

10.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 14:20:55
Spot on there ant, I was delighted to see both of them link up for the goal last week, we didn’t capitalise enough on corners last season it almost seemed like a waste of time and a risk not worth taking sending up the CB’s last year, excluding the time mings completely mugged auba in the arsenal game that was class lol.

11.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 16:02:55
Probably the kiss of death but Konsa is just, if not more, composed than Stones and he went for £50m. Him, Ramsey and Watkins could be the backbone of our team for years to come and let's not forget the likes of Barry, Chukwuese (spelling lol) etc 😁.