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13 Nov 2017 17:15:37
Seems diame wants to be reunited with brucey, and newcastle want a centre forward in january, what odds would you get for kodjia or davis going the other way with money involved, and more to the point, i hope we're not mad enough to go for it, but definitely let them have mcshortfarce and the vertigo kid-gabby, now that would be a touch!

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13 Nov 2017 23:01:41
newspapers putting two an two together mate not going to happen Villa are broke due to FFP so if we got rid of our best players gona need a lot of cash to spend to get better we have a big squad we only need a lbk other than that this is bruces team. can't see much happening january. UTV.

14 Nov 2017 08:49:34
WTW the other day you said we had money to spend because of amavi, what changed?

14 Nov 2017 11:12:30
I know I did mate but day after Steve Bruce did a interview saying that due to FFP not a lot has changed and we are right on the line of it so basically led me to belive even with Amavi cash there's not much there at all.

12 Nov 2017 21:56:11
Got a name to throw in for Jan that with a bit of wheeling and dealing could do a job for us, Lee Cattermole? he's 29, nasty, can play a bit, familiar to Bruce at 2 clubs he's managed, The Mackems are going nowhere, only snag is he's contracted till 2021. Putting it out there, it's just a suggestion


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13 Nov 2017 06:40:41
I do like him but he gets sent off a lot mate and we alright have big jed an whelen that can play that role. From what Bruce has said we have to sell to buy we have a big squad whether its a good squad only time will tell if we buy anybody has to be a lbk an a cbk but that's all down to moving players on. Facts are mate we had our parachutw money and wasted it on the likes of hogan an mcormack so if we don't go up this year we are stuck down here.

13 Nov 2017 07:09:37
Fair enough, I'm just going on that Whelan gets a lot of stick, and the wheeling/ dealing I meant was Evra is toast at Marseille so they need to secure Amavi sharpish, he's in the shop window now


13 Nov 2017 11:06:27
Who need to secure him? He’s already been sold.

13 Nov 2017 16:14:07
He's on loan


13 Nov 2017 17:31:44
He’s not anymore.

13 Nov 2017 18:05:09
Amavi deal is done mate apparentley went through already because he played a certain about of games. Shame evra is banned I would of took him till the end of the season. If we had to sell a few Allyp who would you sell to get money to buy others? UTV Great thinking by the way Allyp good to think outside the box.

13 Nov 2017 18:10:40
Loan with buying option = money not in the bank


13 Nov 2017 18:33:25
He’s definitely been sold, Loan with appearance clause if met they have to buy him. Met it game before he was called up to the national team. Whether we want to stop it or not, his their player. Whether he breaks a leg and never plays again his their player. So there’s no securing him as you mentioned, unfortunately.

13 Nov 2017 20:41:24
My bad WTW and Chris, does this mean we have money in Jan then because I'd have thought Amavi going on loan was a 1 in 1 out, in respect of wages, ffp etc.? I'd have a bidding war for Kodjia in Jan, there's teams in the Prem in the bottom half of the table who need goals, I know Kodjia ain't getting them at the mo but a fool and his money are soon parted it is said. Ship him out, go for someone like Ings, Austin or of that proven Championship quality on loan with view to buy, any spare cash spend where needed, go up, have a party, I'll bring the beers, sorted 👍🏻


13 Nov 2017 23:17:00
Sounds a plan mate well the beers part anyway I wouldn't mind if we didn't sign anybody we have a big squad lansbury bjarnson dieing for a game gabby is also after few games now I know there not great but Bruce brought them i for 1 think Bjarnson is a central mid so why has he not had 1 game there since been brought his been made to look bad because Bruce don't play him in central mid for Iceland his great Lansbury can still do a job aswel.

The squads more than good enough ok Terrys injuryed elphick and Samba an Richards if your not going to play these lads don't you think we should sell or rip up there deals? Not saying few players wouldn't improve us but we can't keep buying players when we have a huge squad I say let's either play or sell them. Playoff final here we come mate so you might need to buy champagne mate aww expensive round mate heard Flackie loves the stuff. UTV.

09 Nov 2017 18:09:17
Welcome back to Aston Villa again Aaron tshibola who had his loan cancelled at MK Dons. 5 million we spent on him another example of wasted money woods bannan both better players than what we got but this is what it is kills me to see good players available but we can't buy them because we wasted all our parachute money and now we are left with this joker.

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09 Nov 2017 07:02:17
I know this will divide opinion but having watched Barry Bannan against us and knowing his love for the club I would just like to add him to our January wish list and I think he would come back in a heart beat.

His a loverly footballer who always gives 100 percent and boy what a passer of a ball our midfield for me is very weak Glen Whelen is no where near championship standard now. What I have learnt is that the championship gives nobody any respect and anybody can beat anybody on the day.

Watching Sheff Wed game they are as strong as we are not just them but there's a number of teams all about our level we need to buy better players but I fear we can't because of FFP We need a clear out lansbury Hogan Richards Elphick Grelish should be made available to try and generate some money I like Jack but we don't use attacking midfield centres so let's try and sell these and see if we can spend the money more wisely because quite frankly we had a fortune when we got relegated and we blew it on bad signings and now we are paying the price for it.

I still believe we can go up but to be honest there's about 6 or 7 teams that could go up as well.

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09 Nov 2017 13:30:58
Myself I would rather go for rhan woods from Brentford,
On his own he ran the show last 3 games against villa
Very talented kid in my opinion,

09 Nov 2017 18:04:19
agree mainbob there both great and that's the players we should be looking at rather than whelan and lansbury.

09 Nov 2017 19:26:58
I was saying this ages ago, all the better teams have a central player, that every thing goes through . As you say that Woods is ideal, he did compleatly run the game . Not only did he keep the ball moving, but most of his passes where quick 1-2 moving the ball forward . Also his ability to pick out, the right longer pass, was brilliant . We haven't had a player like this since Sid, his passing made David Plats career a success . So come on Brucie, give us a late Xmas present, with a player like this in January . Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

10 Nov 2017 06:09:33
we have the amavi money I wouldn't rush out an by Johnstone we have him till the end of the season anyway we need to be stronger in midfield Johnstone we can have in the summer. UTV.

10 Nov 2017 07:51:25
You keep saying this WTW, but Man United still have a one year extension on Johnstone. If we want him it needs to be done sooner rather than later.

11 Nov 2017 15:30:00
walk the walk Jack is most skill full player on the books, plus I don't trust Bruce BUYING.

11 Nov 2017 23:29:24
Only thing I can add to this is that I know Bannan still has a property in the area and is 'spending a few quid' on it, don't know if that means he's on way back but is information I am privvy to, make of that what you will


07 Nov 2017 23:43:45
Right ladies and gentlemen I am looking towards the future without John Terry. Steve Bruce said today that he is about time Tommy elphick and Micah Richards started earning their money so would you give them a chance in the lineup? I just want to touch on Micah Richards for a second he still youngish at Manchester City it was a good Defender so what has happened to this guy?

I remember we was all quite excited when he signed for us he is on £50,000 a week that's 600 grand a year and his hardly played or given the club anything back for his wages so should we make him play he is here for another 2 years yet so love to hear your thoughts because in both these players there's a good defender in there for just some reason they are ripping the club off and not trying.

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08 Nov 2017 05:49:45
Personally i'd rather put a cardboard cut-out of john terry in defence than micah richards, and it'd still play better, though micah would still win top prize as the most wooden defender on our team, just pipping elphick, to be fair though, elphick i think has caught that nasty condition known as richard dunne-itis, where you try hard, but more often than not it goes pear shaped, maybe, just maybe, with terry coaching him, he could rise like a pheonix to become a cult hero! -failing that, get that young lad in from united that brucey has been scouting from last summer.

08 Nov 2017 07:05:39
1 - Your maths is awful, 50 grand times 52 weeks in a year is 2.6 mil a year.
2 - I doubt very highly he’s still on 50000 a week, it was noted when we came down every player signed in that window the summer before had relegation clauses, the only clever thing Tom fox and co did.
3 - He was decent at city because he was playing right back and he didn’t weigh as much, now his about 15/ 6 stone running around like a mad man and it causes injuries.
4 - it’s kind of funny actually because when you watch how terry got injured Saturday, that’s exactly what he did, chased the ball like a headless chicken, some thing he doesn’t normally do, lost balance and was going to fast, tried to slow down to quick and it went.
5 - I don’t actually think Richards has a bad attitude, see the Wycombe game and when he scored against Watford, however he was thrown into that category with Gabby, Lescott etc because he just wasn’t very good. However because of that, being put in the same bracket for being awful it seems like it may have swayed his attitude, and now he’s thinking stuff yous then, I’ll just collect the money like the rest of them.
I hope he does prove us wrong but the injury problems, everything that’s all ready gone on, it’s all stacked against him. Elphic played with Chester a load of times last year, he only got took out because of injuries, I’d be much more confident seeing him in there. Samba I’m not so sure off, look at the way he got megged for their second Saturday, selling baker really doesn’t seem like a good idea, no matter how much they paid.

08 Nov 2017 09:48:48
1st of all cheers Chris your right my maths is terrible but according to top researchers at football manager his on 50k apparently there not very often wrong lol. And I wasn't saying Micah is the answer just that his here for another two years we might as well use him because as you have corrected me his on a shed load of cash.

Steve Bruce said it would be nice to see him earn that money. And as for attitude Chris well he has put weight on as you say so his hardly kept himself fit an been banging on Bruces door saying I want to play. In fact his been happy not playing as his not asked to leave because his on such huge wages nobody would touch him anyway.

08 Nov 2017 13:28:20
That was my point, originally I don’t think his attitude was the problem, more his ability. Now he’s been slated for this an that it seems he does have an attitude.

09 Nov 2017 07:00:40
agree chris but his here for 2 years what do you suggest we do with him?

12 Nov 2017 11:51:52
Neither Elphick or Richards deserve to be anywhere near the 1st team

IMO I would draft Jedinak into the back four or put Hutton in the middle and recall Taylor

Samba is a bit part player whose legs have gone and is there as a back up .

Just goes to show how poor richards and elphick are is samba is on the bench ahead of them.

12 Nov 2017 17:55:53
SOMEONE with sense.

04 Nov 2017 20:24:49
First of all I'm not going to be too negative on today's result I felt that wonder goal was just that and then its just a off day for us. I do believe that Steve Bruce should have freshed it up we looked tired 3 games in a week was to much for some. And I am absolutely gutted that John Terry is going to be out for a while with a metatarsal injury let's hope he gets back quick. other than that UTV.

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04 Nov 2017 21:49:30
If your honest with yourself, had we kept it the same and played 451 same team as Wednesday, you’d be saying we should be going 442 attack at home. You ask him to play O’Hare he does, you ask him to play Hogan in a two with Davis, he does. It’s a good job you ent his misses because if he does what you want you find faults if he does what he wants you find faults.

05 Nov 2017 08:48:53
Wasn't criticizing I was just saying the players look tired and jaded and maybe Bruce could have freshened it up all in all Iam happy going into the international break. I never asked him to do anything Chris his the manager its his choice I just think he could of freshened it up.

06 Nov 2017 14:20:55
Terry is out for up to two and a half months, according to Tony Xia. I really don't worry, because we have enough defenders to step in his place. Terry is just one player.

03 Nov 2017 14:46:34
Jorges Mendes is sending for re-inforcements in January. Only on loan though due to ffp rules.

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03 Nov 2017 18:39:19
Who cares we are Aston Villa.

03 Nov 2017 22:04:06
You’ll need them when Hutton snaps Jota in the home leg, and big Keinan Davis runs all over that Bath.

03 Nov 2017 23:03:50
Top of the league-good on ya for doing well so far, and if you crack on and get promoted then i'd be happy for you, the bottom line is will top players from around the world want to come to wolverhampton to live la vida loca and sign permenantly;or will it be the mercenaries sticking their snouts in the trough, time will tell, but for now;enjoy the limelight, and just make sure your manager doesn't get pinched (dare i say it) by a bigger club, i heard bury are on the lookout! seriously though, fair play to you all, its just a shame dave edwards isn't there to reap the reward as well.

04 Nov 2017 22:57:37
If Mendes is 'sending for reinforcements' I hope for your sake none of the players he's after have seen The Hills Have Eyes?


03 Nov 2017 11:37:24
Well where do I start just got back from Blackpool where we stayed the night after the Preston game what a complete performance. Is it me or Aston Villa getting better and better? We now play as a team and don't just rely on one man Jonathan kodjia and some Might argue we are stronger without kodjia at times. Blackpool was fantastic we wore ridiculous hats and even got on TV not to mention bumping into my old friend Keith wyness oh to be honest we actually had a laugh. What a change when the club are doing well and we can all laugh and joke with one another. The club is going in the right direction finally and yes I will even praise Steve Bruce well done to the supporters and the club has a whole UTV.

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03 Nov 2017 12:41:37
By the way walkies, did i mention i bumped into my old friend doug ellis the other day, we see him regularly down at the tennis club he's a member of, do ask keith for me why we haven't seen him down there recently, but of course he wouldn't, its a bit exclusive fella! must dash, toodle pip old boy!

04 Nov 2017 01:04:19
Walkies you leave yourself open to attack, time and again . Why is it you have to round every thing of by giving it the big . Your last few posts have been quite good, then you have to spoil it, by saying my mate Wyness, I know quite a few ex players, but I don't bore everybody, by telling them . With all the flack you get, you just don't learn . Everybody knows you go to every game, you privileged to go to meetings and meet Kieth, but it becomes boring when you keep letting us know . Start to think just a little bit when your posting, some of them are good, just cut out the rest . Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

04 Nov 2017 13:25:52
Nailed it good and proper Davedean.

01 Nov 2017 22:33:02
Great solid performance tonight . Terry showed, just how class he is, his reading of the game was brilliant . The whole defence looked realy on it . Hutton showed how he kept Teylor on the bench, good game again. Davis plays like seasoned pro, his hold up play is fantastic I know he scored a goal tonight, but I'm still not convinced by Snodgrass . Overall a good team performance, so let's keep it going. Roll on Saturday. Onwards&Upwards Villaforever
PS Villa 10
Brucie is playing people in form, that's why Hutton kept his place.

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02 Nov 2017 06:57:15
I think if we moved Snodgrass into the middle in a number 10, where Onomah is playing, we’d see why he’s got the record he has.

02 Nov 2017 08:05:53
Bang on dave Dean mate.

02 Nov 2017 20:13:08
Grealish has to play in that roll.

02 Nov 2017 23:00:56
Grealish is Number 10 for me, Snodgrass just makes the bench, sometimes I think chrisAVFC just likes to disagree.

03 Nov 2017 06:55:38
I replied before any comment about grealish saying I want to see Snodgrass in the number 10, then people started commenting about grealish in that position, I haven’t commented since. Give your head a wobble villajk.

03 Nov 2017 09:53:57
To me Grealish is good on the ball but lacks an end product and work rate. Snoddy works his socks off and his delivery into the box gives the forwards a chance - how many times have we seen Jack the lad run into blind alleys? too many, that means the pace of the game slows down and we lose possession. Grealish would also be behind Green for me.

03 Nov 2017 11:38:33
Average Jack waste of a shirt for me.

03 Nov 2017 12:39:15
Don’t disagree boys, you’ll get in trouble.

04 Nov 2017 13:39:43
I do prefer Snodgrass over grealish in the no. 10 role. But that being said, we are now playing as a core cohesive unit and it would be interesting to see Grealish play in a team that is getting it together. He hasn't had the opportunity to play in a descent team over the last 2 years.

01 Nov 2017 22:04:23
Just seen a great game from 2 players at the different ends of the career spectrum, Davis and Terry

A good game from both of them and I'm also impressed with Villa's passing game, even out of trouble, no more "hoofing it away".

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