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14 Jul 2018 13:27:22
Stoke have come in with a bid of 5m for Chester but it was rejected.


1.) 14 Jul 2018 14:06:38
That bid is insulting for Chester,
But Bruce did say in interview players will be going on the cheap!
Should have kept his mouth firmly shut,
I know players will be going for less than there market value but there is a limit for a very low bid for our best defender,
Same with grealish levy will try to get him for peanuts and he will succeed if I'm honest,
Hope the dr is well satisfied with the state he has got villa into!

2.) 19 Jul 2018 10:48:48
It isn't insulting at all. No one is going to open the bidding at a 100 million billion pounds.

Villa want 12, Stoke offer 5. The clubs settle on 8-9.



17 Apr 2017 12:25:15
Here is the result for today Fulham 1 vs 2 Aston Villa.


1.) 17 Apr 2017 15:39:29
Well you're half way there.



10 Jan 2017 16:40:42
Read in the s*n today Aston Villa want to swap Ross McCormack for Robbie Brady if we do that then we only have Gabby as a proven striker. Bruce must have a new striker in mind. Any views on this.


1.) 10 Jan 2017 19:22:01
You read The S*n?
As a source of information?

2.) 10 Jan 2017 23:00:03
We need two new strikers if Mcormack goes because we need one as it stands! I doubt it will happen



20 Oct 2016 16:26:16
Richards might not be available to play for us against Fulham, well that's good news.




14 Oct 2016 09:40:30
Read in the sun today, this is what Bruce as said, As far as i am concerned the slate is wiped clean for ALL of them - that means Gabby too. God i hope not, anybody got any thoughts on this.


1.) 14 Oct 2016 10:06:59
As I have posted before - I have been a villa fan for 57 years and I have not seen a player with such a s**t attitude. If he cared about the Villa he would have behaved got himself fit to go on loan an prove himself, he disrespected the club and the fans bu choosing not to do that. He has no football brain, is a crap finisher for a centre forward, and has lost the only asses he had which was his pace. Please Steve do not make a huge mistake and bring him back into the match day squad. you will alienate the fans and b toxic Flabby gabby will only play for himself and the money.

2.) 14 Oct 2016 10:26:53
That gabby will be gabby, and blow another chance in training.

3.) 14 Oct 2016 13:04:16
Sorry my post above should have read -
As I have posted before - I have been a villa fan for 57 years and I have not seen a player with such a s**t attitude. If he cared about the Villa, he would have behaved, got himself fit to go on loan and prove himself, he disrespected the club and the fans by choosing not to do that. He has no football brain, is a crap finisher for a centre forward, and has lost the only asset he had which was his pace. Please Steve do not make a huge mistake and bring him back into the match day squad. you will alienate the fans and toxic Flabby gabby will only play for himself and the money. Use Hepburn Murphy instaed.

4.) 14 Oct 2016 15:29:10
I agree with everything you say. Hopefully we will not see him in a Villa shirt again.
BUT I would also say that we should trust SB. He is a great man manager.
So if Gabby did get properly fit and somehow become an asset to the team I would support him because Bruce knows what he is doing.
Might just put a sneaky little tenner on him scoring the winner against the Slumdogs of Small Heath in 2 week's time.

5.) 14 Oct 2016 15:38:27
Not that I don't agree, he's burnt his bridges and Hepburn Murphy should be played over him! But if he plays and scores, they'll be 30,000 singing his name and tbh I'd be one of them.

6.) 14 Oct 2016 19:05:19
I disagree already, his prime days are over, and I personally wouldn't give him a chance.

7.) 14 Oct 2016 20:22:26
If he can add something to the team then no point biting your nose off to spite your face.

8.) 14 Oct 2016 21:00:55
No, I'm saying this because I really believe that we won't change. We have seen that on and off the pitch time and time again, he isn't even trying anymore.

Last season he managed to score one lousy Premier League goal. With his kind of pace and stamina, I think that he should have been able to score more goals than that, at least give his best.

I am sorry to tell you that if he plays again, you will be disappointed. Just my honest opinion.

9.) 14 Oct 2016 21:15:24
Without the attitude some 4 seasons ago Gabby was not pulling up any trees, we stuck with him for seasons after that giving him the benefit of the doubt! Oh he will come back again after injury, after injury, after injury. He was all about pace and that has been gone a long time. If he were at full fitness he wouldn't make the grade. If full fitness and head together HE STILL WOULD NOT MAKE THE GRADE! His attitude last season and this season is an absolute disgrace and I wish he had one minute grain of decency and go out on loan to someone like Tamworth or Solihull Moors where he maybe King again! Good riddance and should never wear the shirt again not even a replica one when retired! As you can see I am not really fussed either way on the subject!

10.) 15 Oct 2016 14:26:18
If he scored A hatrick today all this would be forgotten.

11.) 16 Oct 2016 12:04:26
Score a hatrick! can't make the bench even, couldn't even prove his new manager in RDM that he was worth a punt when give a researves run out, had no pace, but worst of all no effort!




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28 Sep 2020 17:25:03
Fulham 0 vs 2 villa.




24 Sep 2020 19:59:01
If you want to watch live games try my goal tv or the sports bay.


1.) 24 Sep 2020 21:00:14
Yes that`s what I watch villaman, been watching it for s couple of seasons now, it played up a bit tonight, but usually pretty good.



03 May 2020 17:53:52
Ok a simple way to end season each remaining games are decided on penalties.


1.) 03 May 2020 18:21:50
Funny you should say that Villaman, because I have written to the Premier league and suggested this.
There are 92 games remaining. If these were played out as penalty shoot outs at a venue where for instance there are 5 or so pitches, you could use both ends of each pitch.
The whole thing could be done in a day and if properly organized there would be no risk. Points could be allocated in the normal way, 3 for a win, 1 for a draw.
It could be televised and would make for great viewing.
World Cup finals have ultimately been decided by penalties after all. This is an unprecedented situation and it calls for unprecedented measures.

2.) 03 May 2020 19:24:45
That sounds great Mark, after all cups and all sorts are settled that way.
Good shout mate, and you Villaman, very interesting, when did you put pen to paper Mark.

3.) 03 May 2020 19:48:09
A good idea villaman as long as it's not decided on playstation or xbox we should have a chance lol.

4.) 03 May 2020 19:54:25
Sent it a couple of days ago by e-mail, Dave.
A guy called Tommy, supporter relations, replied later the same day. He said the current objective is for all remaining domestic league and cup games to be played.
He went on to say, any return to play will only be with the full support of the government and when medical guidance allows.

5.) 03 May 2020 20:14:39
I wasn’t going to say anything because I thought I might of got some patronizing remarks, not from you guys I might add, but seeing as Villaman brought it up, I thought sod it why not. To be honest I don’t care what anybody says anymore. We’re all only suggesting what we think is the best way forward, we’re entitled to do that aren’t we.

6.) 03 May 2020 20:22:34
You are so right Mark, no patronising from me mate.
Your opinions and remarks are very well received buddy, and long may it continue.

7.) 03 May 2020 20:51:43
Thanks Dave, and I know not from you mate or any of the other Villains for that matter, I don’t think I need say any more mate.

8.) 03 May 2020 21:25:58
Fully understood Mark 🤐🤐👍.

9.) 03 May 2020 22:37:14
No patronising here either gents just some guys airing their thoughts and opinions engaging in healthy banter and helping to dispel our feeling of isolation and frustration we must all be feeling misinformed though we may be lol keep it up it sure as hell helps.

10.) 03 May 2020 21:34:37
Anyway on a more lighthearted note, we should all forget football, fencing is the sport of the future Dave.
Gloves, a built in mask and if anybody gets within 2 mètres, you can give them a bloody good prod 😁👍🥂.

11.) 03 May 2020 23:33:30
This has just appeared, I posted it nearly 2 hours ago and thought it was lost, so I posted something similar 😁.



18 Apr 2020 14:28:40
What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cow? Roost beef! Why did the dinosaur cross the road? Because chickens hadn't evolved yet! Why did the T-Rex cross the road? To eat the chicken on the other side.


1.) 18 Apr 2020 15:52:44
A child asked his father, "How were people born? " So his father said, Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies became adults and made babies, and so on. " The child then went to his mother, asked her the same question and she told him, "We were monkeys then we evolved to become like we are now. " The child ran back to his father and said, You lied to me! His father replied, "No, your mom was talking about her side of the family.

A teacher asked her students to use the word "beans" in a sentence. My father grows beans, " said one girl. "My mother cooks beans, " said a boy. A third student spoke up, "We are all human beans. "



15 Apr 2020 19:29:48
Did you hear about the crazy aussie scientist who decided to crossbreed a porcupine with a sheep? He made an animal that is able to knit its own sweaters. I have just started a dating website for chickens. It's not my normal job, I am just doing it to make hens meet. I have never hunted bear, but I once went fishing in just my shorts.


1.) 15 Apr 2020 21:42:08
Simple but funny villaman.




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30 Dec 2018 22:27:20
Or we could play Kalinic.




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27 Jul 2018 15:51:58
Yes QPR fined 40 mil window ban until Jan 2019.




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26 Jul 2018 17:38:18
Agree with most of what you say, but for me a new keeper is a must.




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06 Jul 2018 17:28:35
I get that feeling sometimes at Villa Park, will probably get that feeling more this year.




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17 Jun 2018 23:13:44
How does Recon Aston Park sound.





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10 Jan 2021 18:18:30
Wolves for me because of the black country and friends.




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19 Jul 2020 15:12:26




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12 Apr 2020 19:46:52
Sorry about that mate read it properly this time.




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12 Apr 2020 15:23:35
I love mine too just a bit of fun.




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12 Apr 2020 11:15:51
I always know when it's the mother in law knocking at the door because the mice start throwing themselves on the traps.