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28 Jun 2020 17:30:02
Depending on what division we're in who would pick to be manager 3 picks prem and 3 championship
I'd pick dyche, wilder, Potter
Championship sherwood would be the right choice for a rebuild and isn't scared to blood youth, Daniel farke spent no money in prem but his Norwich team has good players and they won the championship, olaf mellberg doing a good job in sweeden.

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28 Jun 2020 17:56:38
Managerial merry go round time eh Walkies.! Personally I would stick with Deano as I think you need to support your people through the bad times as well as the good, but if he does go then for the premiership I would go with Dyche Gerrard or Bilic . In the Championship Neil, Houghton, Farke.

I have steered clear of big names like Pochettino or Benitez because I don’t think they are realistic targets I know the view re Gerrard is he is being groomed for Liverpool and I think that is right but a couple of years premier experience might be good for both parties.

28 Jun 2020 20:04:18
John, I have just spoke to my son-in-law, he is very well versed on Liverpool, and has said Klopp is after the German job.
Apparently he is at Liverpool for another 3 years, unless he signs again obviously, so if that is the case Gerrard is probably a good shout.
Dyche, Farke, Bilic, Houghton, any of those are steady, and who knows what they are capable of with good funding.
Shame, because I was a supporter of Deano, I would love to know how much say he actually had in recruiting, I am not convinced he had the freedom we are led to believe.

28 Jun 2020 22:15:24
It was said from day 1 that he was there to coach.
He would have been asked what positions he feels need strengthening and the qualities he is looking for in that position.
The fact still remains that in the early interviews he clearly stated he would not be heavily involved in transfers and that was the system he was used to.

28 Jun 2020 23:58:14
Even if Deano only identified the qualities he was looking for in players then something has still gone drastically wrong somewhere for example we know he was interested in Maupay and Benrahma to name but 2 but we ended up with Wesley Nakamba Luiz and Trezuget. I would argue that Maupay and Wesley do not possess the same qualities neither do Benrahma and any of the midfielders named above so what happened between his identifying players and those we signed I would love to knoe.

29 Jun 2020 06:35:38
If Smith does go and we're relegated we stand little chance of a "big" name. My personal preference would be Mellberg/ Laursen partnership with Petrov on the coaching staff maybe even offer Barry a coaching role as he's on the released list and may want to get into that side of the game. 4 ex Villa captain's, ex internationals, leaders and winners. Time for a different way of thinking.

29 Jun 2020 17:39:59
Hi Moose66 i think we could attract a big name manager to the club, our owners are very wealthy, want to take the club to the top . OK made a mistake. i don't think that will happen again,

29 Jun 2020 18:03:52
We have to follow the example of Wolves. They took over the club, removed Kenny Jackett as he wasn't the right man to take them to the next level. They put in Walter Zenga who is a playing legend but that didn't work. Lambert came in til the end if the season to steady the ship and then Nuno was appointed and cleared out the old backroom staff and brought his tried and tested team. That's what Villa need to do now. Complete change of managerial and coaching staff.

{Ed002's Note - Sorry but Walter Zenga isn't available.}

29 Jun 2020 18:28:50
Isn't Zenga the scary one from Terrahawks who looked like shirley from Eastenders? 😂😂.

29 Jun 2020 18:39:02
Nobody who's available really grabs my attention JK, RHLT. Pochetino, could we tempt him in the championship? I'm being realistic and doubt it despite our prestige as a club. That's why I've gone for the above choices. Mellberg and Laursen are cutting their managerial teeth admittedly, but similar to Solskjaer at Man Utd (yes I know more stable club) who surrounded himself with people who played for and know the club inside out. Like I say going for "names" hasn't worked out too well not since MON early days so why not try something leftfield for a change? It would certainly give the fans a massive lift having 3-4 legends looking after things and maybe they would be given the time and patience to start building a legacy which would include a more productive youth system.

29 Jun 2020 20:08:29
I like that throw in petrov aswell as coach could work aswell.

30 Jun 2020 10:55:24
Moose I like your plan, I think Hoddle should be added to that team, all who played for him say he was great coach, i know he a bit on the older side and had challenge but those you mention could learn from him.

27 Jun 2020 20:08:38
Gutted rumour is dean smith will be sacked.

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05 Jul 2020 16:35:39
You're gutted? Smith will probably just continue as Villa-manager after this season anyways.

27 Jun 2020 19:14:44
Rumour has it Dean Smith is nearing the sack.

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27 Jun 2020 20:03:10
I've seen it aswell daz.

27 Jun 2020 20:08:44
Pls let it not be Terry.

27 Jun 2020 20:30:09
Venables, Scott or Wogan? 😁.

27 Jun 2020 12:25:07
Anybody else having trouble with this code off the Villa, mine not being recognised.

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26 Jun 2020 23:22:52
I am watching Villa and all the players are trying there just not good enough. let's not forget even our owners said we was 2 years ahead of what was planned. They brought the club then 6 months later there in the prem they spent what they was aloud we didn't get great players because we had 150 million to buys a whole squad.

Now we have a base we have something to work with now we can go buy better quality. I say stick with Dean Smith Rome wasnt built in a day. If they weren't trying i would say yeah sack him but they are so let's give him another season! 1 thing i would do is sack Terry can't see what he does you have a manager an a number 2 you do not need 2 assistents.

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27 Jun 2020 11:22:45
You been on the wacky backy walkies hahaha?
Now you want to keep Deano, because the players are trying.
I love your empirical hypothesis, very interesting walkies.

26 Jun 2020 17:50:55
Just seen the 15 players we've released, what's the point of the academy if all its there for is to bring through players we then disregard who'll get snapped up, just goes to show deano and the management team have no faith in our own 'star finding' academy, the mind boggles.

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26 Jun 2020 18:33:15
And if they did play them and they were crap you’d moan saying they weren’t good enough. Outside of Albrighton there hasn’t been a player from our youth team who has left and performed at the level we would need them to, stop moaning for moaning sake, if they aren’t good enough they aren’t good enough.

26 Jun 2020 18:41:38
We have been saying it for weeks 82.
Its the mindset of the club, years and years this sort of thing has been going on, back since the days of Doug Ellis.
It has to change.

26 Jun 2020 19:36:35
Not many managers are brave enough to play youngsters go threw all teams in prem and how many blood youngsters Chelsea, lpool and Norwich and man utd, personally I'd play them dave and let them grow of course the would make mistakes but it's part of learning for them.

26 Jun 2020 19:43:59
This "cull" is for players who should be breaking down the door of the 1st team not knobbing about getting a game here and there in the lower leagues. This will hopefully be a watershed moment for our next batch of youth and not hindered by 20 odd year olds in their way who are probably too good for the u23s but not good enough for the 1st team.
A plan is in place, just needs time to take root.

27 Jun 2020 08:32:39
I hope you are right Moose we are more likely to hold on to our own talented youngsters as well as attracting others if they think they have a chance of transitioning to the first team rather than stagnate in the reserves.

25 Jun 2020 22:35:40
Sean dyche apparently has fallen out with burnley owner and is looking to leave burnley at the end of the season. Villa went for him before smith rumour has it.

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25 Jun 2020 02:05:28
What do el ghazi and trez offer?
Very little, poor crossing, average pace, lack of effort tracking back. We would be a much more solid unit if they didn't play.

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25 Jun 2020 18:42:55
Mate the both useless waste of money we should of brought in our youth and blood them properly give them 30. Games let feel the highs and lows it would make them better.

24 Jun 2020 17:13:45
Just seen the team line up not good trez In midfield and elghazi starting not good no pace and only 1 striker upfront.

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24 Jun 2020 18:12:36
It's a new formation he's trying out, it's not like it's last chance saloon or anything fella!

24 Jun 2020 19:33:46
It's not a new formation mate it's the same we always play.

24 Jun 2020 20:08:23
My bad, my really rubbish attempt at being sarcastic inferring whoever he puts in, still the same way of playing, I'm just off to buy a custard pie to push into my face!

22 Jun 2020 13:03:48
Slept on my frustration and this morning I still feel as disappointed and frustrated. I accept this is pretty typical now and we are going down with a whimper. I would imagine we will cash in on Jack mcginn and Heaton, who are the only three that will get in a premier league side. The rest are ready for the struggle at the top of the championship. The owners backed Smith and it didn't work out. There have been far more successful managers who have been sacked so I struggle to see how people are still backing him. The last two games have shown how predictable we are and I can't see anything changing. So we will be back where we deserve to be along with Norwich and Bournemouth. The only difference we have spent a fortune and got no return on the investment this equates to failure in any walk of life. I will renew my season ticket because Villa are in my blood, I just wish some of the over paid overrated bunch of players cared as much.

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22 Jun 2020 16:49:25
And me Scotty, woke up with a bloody headache, the sky was full of rain, and the wife wanted me to clean the windows, inside of course.
That`s what being a Villa fan is mate.


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