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11 Jan 2020 07:19:06
Pepe Reina on loan for rest of season, medical soon.

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10 Jan 2020 22:00:32
Could big Ben be back now palace got tosun?

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10 Jan 2020 22:06:17
Would love this!

10 Jan 2020 22:33:04
It would be a good move if happens.

11 Jan 2020 04:29:04
Unfortunately Bob Hope.

11 Jan 2020 09:07:08
Am I the only one who thinks Benteke isn’t a good idea? I always thought he was lucky with a lot of his goals for us and for me rhat showed when he moved to Liverpool and palace.

11 Jan 2020 13:31:06
No, I agree, if you read previous posts you would see there are a couple on here that feel as you do.
Maybe not for the same reasons though.
My problem is, we are set up differently than we used to be, and he is not the player he once was.
But if Deano see`s him as a good option I will support him, you never know.

11 Jan 2020 15:00:46
I wonder if we’d get any joy with a speedy striker and play on the counter. Indiana is supposed to be nippy. Might be worth a punt against Man City.

11 Jan 2020 15:45:20
Vassilev is not strictly a striker, more of an attacking mid.
He needs the ball to produce, as does any player, problem against City I don`t see that happening to much, and confidence might suffer.
I would play him away to Brighton and home against Watford for sure.
Definitely a player we must use and bring forward.

12 Jan 2020 10:09:02
Good call. I just thought long ball he could cause them a bit of bother, press from the front. Hopefully he’d know what he was going into so wouldn’t knock his confidence.

12 Jan 2020 12:10:38
Yes maybe, it could work realvilla, I would like someone to have the gonads to try it at least.

10 Jan 2020 21:21:08
I heard a Dwight Gayle rumour hope it's not true.

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10 Jan 2020 05:57:08
Aston villa to sign Florinel Coman within the next week. He is a young winger that favors the left but can play on either wing and up top.

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10 Jan 2020 09:36:26
Believe it when I see it sadly!

10 Jan 2020 13:56:51
You are absolutely full of it Kingy.
Your sources must work at the HP factory Aston.
You predictions so far: Piatek miles off.
Barry is nailed on any way, and has been well documented for days.
Coman: not a chance, he has a release clause that we can not match.
Chelsea, PSG, Bayern all sniffing.
Any more mate?

10 Jan 2020 17:31:06
Showing your age Dave, HP Aston closed down ten years ago, Kingy has got to you again.

10 Jan 2020 19:08:34
Time flies Scotty, I have been in Somerset since 94 mate.
My point being, Kingy is as far off with his predictions/ Inside Info as I am from Villa Park (miles) .
My guess is, he got the sack from BRMB as weather forecaster.

11 Jan 2020 00:49:35
Dave my cousin Paul lives in Brixham, he used to get the coach up regular . Ex Marine once seen never forgotten, he won supporter of the year once, for the South West .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

11 Jan 2020 13:54:35
Fair play to him Dave, I am not far from Burnham, so he is a little further down than me.
Costs me and my son over £200 to come up for a game, so we have to pick and choose a bit.
I remember back in the day you could stand on the Holte End, and have a Bovril at half time for less than 2 bob.
Do you remember that Dave? 👴.

09 Jan 2020 11:13:46
Reina's agent just seen inside Milan headquarters. Supposedly confirming the signing. Shame for Nyland as I thought he did well.

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09 Jan 2020 23:04:18
U think nyland good . Also think if get reina maybe keep him on his toes and the way were going threw keepers could do with another .

08 Jan 2020 19:21:57
Kodja on his way out in January?

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08 Jan 2020 21:57:24
Doubt it mate, unless we sign two first. Just sick hence not in the squad.

08 Jan 2020 22:00:49
Hope he is Scotty, I have never felt he is a team player, and that he would cut it in the prem.

08 Jan 2020 18:41:50
Rumoured Pepe Reina on a 6 month contract.

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08 Jan 2020 15:30:17
According to insidefutbol. com, Krzysztof Piatek has given his approval to a potential move to Premier League, boosting Aston Villa's and Newcastle's hopes of signing him. It is rumoured that Villa have already tabled a €30 million bid to sign him.

What do you think, guys?

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08 Jan 2020 21:32:25
Mate, if its true brilliant, but we have been reading over the past 24 hrs that its false its true, nobody seems to know.
I am going to sit on it and wait till something concrete happens. 🤞🏻.

09 Jan 2020 08:53:40
Let's try to get him on loan at least. I hope it happens. :)

08 Jan 2020 13:44:52
I really hope we are not considering Benteke.
That would indicate a panic type purchase for me, one that would be aimed at pacifying the fans.

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08 Jan 2020 15:16:45
If (and it's a big if) we go in for Benteke I think it's reasonable to have reservations as to whether he's still capable given his recent form. He could be reborn and back to his best though. Whether it's a good deal will depend on his form and the price we pay. not sure I'd label it as a panic buy though myself and my personal view is he'd be a good signing. We'll probably end up with Glen Murray though anyway haha.

08 Jan 2020 21:31:46
I can see your thinking and maybe it might work, but time and time again this reunion between club and player seldom ends in success.
He is a totally different player now, also we do not play the same system as we used to play back then.

08 Jan 2020 11:28:03
Are Chelsea after mings? Could batshuayi be offered plus cash for mings? There are reports they are after a cb from another prem club and sky Bet have dropped our odds on batshuayi coming to us. I may be putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5 though. Injuries reoccurring with mings could be a good time to cash in whilst is value is sky high, if the medical staff think he will be plagued with injuries for his career would be a smart but unpopular move.

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08 Jan 2020 12:42:58
I'd be amazed if Villa would even consider selling our main centre back while we're battling relegation, unless silly money is offered.

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea has no interest in Mings and I have already explained about MB.}

08 Jan 2020 16:56:41
Ed sometimes you have to tell a villa fan more than once.


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