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20 Aug 2019 20:25:49
Kev Mac gone. Had a lot of success with the youth teams in the past but those methods are outdated. Time to get someone young and progressive to mirror Smith's approach.
I do, however, think people need to be careful on what constitutes bullying going forwards. It can easily reach a point where players can be lazy or thin skinned and cry bullying on the basis of constant criticism that may be deserved. As long as the guidelines are clear on the accepted practices and the authorities don't consistently move the goalposts then it can only be a good thing.

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21 Aug 2019 14:44:43
Brian Clough, Graham Souness, Gordon Strachan were amongst the worst nanagers/ coaches renowned for bullying, times have changed. I know a footballer who worked under Kevin Mac and he accepted he was exceptionally tough with the players, modern parlance may be called bullying, however I understand his intentions were intended to benefit Aston Villa, not himself. I think Kevin was old school and sadly he probably won't be able the work in football again, which is a shame. I understand Aston Villa needed to act to defend their reputation, however it has destroyed another.

21 Aug 2019 18:16:15
I think there's a difference between working players hard and getting on their backs in front of teammates.
If the odd moan in training isn't getting results then they need to be spoken to in private to avoid these issues.

Ask The Ed: The Joy Of Six

20 Aug 2019 12:05:24
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, Ask The Ed: The Joy Of Six

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20 Aug 2019 14:29:15
Hi. New to this

Been reading comments on here for a while now. People need calm down give the team a chance. It cracks me up how even people already even mentioning relegation. Played really well in both games. Just need to cut big mistakes which a manager can't coache players and we will be fine. I'll start worrying when we are not creating chances. UTV.

20 Aug 2019 17:42:41
Hi Tindy, welcome aboard mate.
Your first post is spot on for me.

19 Aug 2019 21:18:19
Just been reading through the many posts since I've been away. I hope it comes off for Wesley but a wiser choice woulda been Mitrovic. time to steady the ship, drop a winger for an extra midfielder, my midfield would be Grealish McGinn Luiz and Nakamba, El Ghazi being the fall guy (literally 🙄) so Trez for me. Would like to see Guilbert and Targett start but Deano must have his reasons, but Elmo and Taylor ain't playing badly at all. Friday we go again, be interesting to see what happens


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19 Aug 2019 22:09:46
I was thinking the same about midfield we are just a bit to open at the moment I know players are still getting to know one another's game but I think steady the ship get a few points the board first and we will see the confidence of the players, I just don't want to see there heads dropping if we go another couple of games without picking any pts up, looking at the high lights of the game we seemed by far the better team Saturday against a team that has been in the prem for the past 5 seasons and we gave them a rite good go of it,

19 Aug 2019 20:55:34
Any of you lot ever go for a pint before the game? I used the Holte, for years, then the Rackpan . Now everybody in a rush, sorting kids and wives out, they never seem to have the time . Used to enjoy a pint or three, before the game, when I used the Holte, my lads used to drink my beer, while I was playing darts HaHa, Happy days .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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19 Aug 2019 17:06:34
Davedean, thanks for your reply lower down mate.
That makes you about 75 then young man, beat me, I wade in at 70.
Starting to creak a bit now though, hahaha.

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19 Aug 2019 17:35:02
Certainly no fun getting old Dave . when I go to the club, on a Friday, it’s more like a Drs waiting room HaHa . What with bad backs, dodgy knees and one or two with dodgy tickers .
Walkies and some of these others on here, should chill a bit,
& think how lucky they are .
Saying that haven’t seen anything off Bob for quite a bit . Hope he’s keeping well .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

19 Aug 2019 18:37:38
Come to mention it Dave your right, if you are reading bob give us a thumbs up mate, just to let us know if you and your good lady are ok.

21 Aug 2019 09:40:06
I'm alive mates and my missus is like me, living from day to day.
Nice to hear comments on here which touches my heart.
Hope you all are well and your family's.
I have not posted as much as I used to mainly down to feeling unwell but I'm still here supporting the best team in the land with the best supporters alike.
To many fans are panicking to early on our 2 losses but I can see more positivs than negatives.

We are creating chances but not taking them.
We are making silly errors which have cost us .
Everton a hard game Friday but we will win a game sooner than later and I'm predicting a 1-0 win.
So I say to all on here get behind the team and the manager and staff we will get better mark my words.
Up the 🦁🦁🦁.

19 Aug 2019 16:21:09
Just read Hogan's views on his time at villa, apparently he didn't enjoy his experience at all. Got news for you, you have one vote we have thousands and our view is our experience of you was less than enjoyable. You say you do to want to come back, mate we don't want you back. You have scored one goal at Stoke and all of a sudden you are enjoying football. They will soon find out, what we found out, you ain't very good mate, good riddance.

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19 Aug 2019 17:35:13
Totally agree scotty, I am a bit embarrassed to be honest as I have said before.
I was spouting his support early days and to be fair he has made me feel a bit of a ptratt.
Get rid I say ASAP, you are clearly not wanted Hogan.

18 Aug 2019 21:51:05
Lets get 1 thing clear no one is saying we are going dwn or want deano sacked, people have just lowered league expectations that's all i haven't watched prem footy in 3 yrs because we haven't been in it, but now even the teams that you think in your head we should beat them have very good prem players, that's why i think 17th or higher would be a good season and job done, its staying in the league that counts to me nothing else, and deano is the right man for the job .

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19 Aug 2019 12:40:19
Villa4eva I 100 per cent agree with you. Now I look at Wesley and do it see him getting 12 goals no which is a worry because we play 1 upfront and I worry where goals are going to come from I belive Villa messed up big time hause could of played left bk an so can taylor there was no need to smash out a huge fee and then not even play the target. we need a striker but we blew it we brought a donkey why not get a proven striker we could spent money better now I can't see where the goals are going to come from do the math mate if wesley say gets 8 that means your gona need 3 of your midfielders to chip in with 10 and as grelish also looks rubbish in the prem so far and isn't known 4 goals or assits that just leaves people like mcginn an the wingers its a tough ask. Deans Smiths a good manager but I don't know who said let's just buy 1 striker an make it wesley who ever agreed that deal could of relegated us because that lad hasn't got goals in him. It gets harder aswel because sheff utd have won norwich have won brighton have won teams that we all tipped to be down there. Evertons a must win because we have Arsenal coming up after gona be a long fight. Sorry people don't like it belive u me I would love Villa to be great but 1st 2 we have been crap even at spurs we had 1 long ball then sat so deep if it was a boxing match they would of stopped it! By the way gilbert said on instagram his fit an ready to play so picking crap players ahead of good won't help us stay up.

19 Aug 2019 13:50:46
WTW I said I missed you and your novelty posts .

However the content of your post above is nothing shy of ludicrous

Wesley - donkey, firstly he is a young man in a new country . Secondly he just won young player of the year in Belgium the same league in which several Belgium stars cut there teeth.

Granted he may not be an out and out scorer, however Deano has brought players who have the ability to score goals from all over the pitch . You and so called other villa fans keep spouting the same 💩 about proven premier league strikers! Do you think they grow on trees? Last season only 4 players scored over 20 goals with the average being 12-15! Man Utd’s top scorer was Pogba with 13 and Bournemouth’s Callum Wilson only got 14

Give the kid a break he is a young man living in a new country . Support the fella instead of calling him a donkey!

You keep on saying proven players but no one ever names them! It’s easy to criticise but your not even providing a solution or alternatives to Wesley for comment? You forget that quality strikers are at a premium and teams don’t want to sell them!

Look at sterling who I bet will be in the top three scorers this season. A winger who has been converted with good coaching and now is a quality finisher .

Big Wes with the correct tutoring will be quality!

As for Elmo and Taylor thus far they haven’t put a foot wrong . When they do I’m sure that Guilbert and Targett will come in!

Elmo is playing as a support for Trez as they play national team together . Targett didn’t look sharp in preseason so may need time

Trust the manager who performed so well in getting us to the premier league as opposed to slaying him and the rest of the coaching team and players after 2 games!

Rant over.

19 Aug 2019 14:46:07
Ok mate.

19 Aug 2019 15:40:49
Kenn he has written posts like that, ever since Iv been coming on here . What ever alias he has used, he has spouted the same negative spiel . Trouble is he winds everybody up .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

19 Aug 2019 15:51:44
Kenn, doesn't sound like a rant to me just a very balanced view. WTW is very passionate about the villa and vents his frustrations too quickly for my liking however some of his controversial views last year were valid. Many of his points whilst extreme have some validity I just hope that he is not correct, because if he is right we will be relegated, so please please WTW be wrong. One point I strongly disagree is Taylor, 5yd passes with not a clue how to attack and shoot does not in my book does not constitute good play and it's easy not to "put a foot wrong" if you don't contribute in a positive way.
So let's hope we can get a "I got in wrong"from WTW sooner rather than later.

19 Aug 2019 17:27:30
Apologies I thought I was ranting 😂 my blood pressure also thought the same 🤪

We are all entitled to a view I guess but seriously if your going to walk the walk at least try to talk the talk!

I don’t mind bull 💩 but not in every single post!

I do agree in relation to Taylor caffu tbh . However maybe deano didn't want to blood every new player straight off the bat and try to atleast give a degree of continuity to the back line that got us promoted last season.

Clearly Guilbert is better than Elmo and Targett better than Taylor but we have to bed them In at the right time IMO

Maybe all the pundits criticising us for buying 13 players has made deano more cautious in terms of bedding in new arrivals.

19 Aug 2019 17:38:03
Dave best of luck with that .

19 Aug 2019 17:38:18
Iam not out to upset anybody I just call it how I see it. I hope Iam wrong I was excited over the season but now I just don't see goals in the team well enough to keep us in the league. We seem well off the pace but hey it might change hope Iam wrong. Did anybody else notice how great the premier Leagues gone compared to how it used to be its like so so qwick. Wesley Grelish need to pull there finger out because so far only good player iam seeing is Mcginn. Its wakey wakey time or we will be back down b4 we know it. gilbert deserves a chance elmo isn't good enough. And targett well we spend a mint on him he should be playing! UTV hope we turn it around.

19 Aug 2019 17:43:23
Keep posting kenn I enjoy your logic and remarks, I and a few others on here need the support mate.
Its a shame but common sense is missing from life in general nowadays, to be honest I find it comical more than critical what some people post, then my disbelief gets the better of me hence the somewhat sarcastic replies.
I agree Dean`o knows what he is doing, time will tell.

19 Aug 2019 18:03:55
I work with a Brentford fan and he nailed it with Smith's tactics and said they were lucky with how prolific the strikers were.
Smith's tactic is clearly to use the striker to bring people into the game. If the 6 attacking players can average 7/ 8 goals a piece and we get a further 5-10 total from DMs and defenders then it's not a bad return. 50-60 goals isn't top end prolific but it's not relegation scoring either.

18 Aug 2019 19:53:26
Tried this before but didn't go through.
Maybe it's because i'm older than most of you and Iv seen it all before. But I just can't register, why after just Two games, the doom& gloomers are, on the march again .
Villa have fought hard for Three years, to get us back in the Premier. So why can't we just enjoy it . Some people on here, appear to think, that the great winning run we had, will automatically continue. If you are all honest, nobody expected it to be easy . Not just the new players, have to acclimatise to the pace and skill of the Premier . Our other players have to as well .
Interesting that Walkies states what a brilliant, manager he considers Deano to be . But he doesn't have much confidence that he will keep us up .
I sincerely hope things go our way, on Friday, or the Deano out rubbish, will definitely be starting again . I can hear the knives being sharpened as I'm posting this .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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18 Aug 2019 19:26:33
Ed, some of my posts not showing mate, any reason, or is it technical.

{Ed033's Note - This is your 3rd post today is that correct?

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18 Aug 2019 20:35:29
Dave's, like me you are passionate loyal fans that have done a "life sentence" in terms of time following our beloved team. I hear your frustrations about the negatively shown by the impatient few on here. Fans want instant success and moan as soon as there is any sign of adversity. I think we all have to understand that we spend a lot of money following our team, watching managers and players that have "won the lottery"financially and there are times that we should be able to get things of our chest. We all started the season with a clean sheet of paper, we spent £130 million and expectations were high, after all we are Aston Villa who won ten games on the trot. However we look at the league table today"early days"I fully accept however of the three who were promoted only one team had not won a game and got no points, so the pessemists have the amunition to complain, not fair I agree however the facts are there for all to see, maximum spend no return to date. So I am still and will remain in the half full glass camp but let the doubters have their say and hopefully very soon we can gag them.

18 Aug 2019 20:38:52
Thank you Ed, the post has just shown in reply to Davedean.

18 Aug 2019 21:37:02
I know scotty, problem is mate, our expectations are through the roof to start with, and we create all of this ourselves.
Most newly assembled things take time before they start to work efficiently.
That is all Deano, and the club ask for, Time.

18 Aug 2019 21:48:36
Dave sadly in football time is a very rare commodity.

18 Aug 2019 12:56:09
Perhaps it's because I'm most likely older than most of you and Iv seen it all before. But I can't understand, after only Two games, the doom and bloomers have started again .
Iv just watched the highlights again and after that unbelievable start, Heaton didn't have a lot to do . With a bit more luck or better finishing, you wouldn't of had anything, to post about . Just enjoy the fact, after 3 years we are back in the Premier.
Some of you appear to think, that we where going to pick up, where we left off . As we all know we had a great run of, winning games . But this is a completely different world . I dread to think what will happen, if things don't go our way Friday . My old pal Mr Walkies (Mr Negativity ) will start his Deano out campaign. You can hear the knives sharpening, as I'm writing this HaHa .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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18 Aug 2019 20:04:23
Nice post Dave, totally agree mate.
A bit curious now Dave, how old are you.

18 Aug 2019 20:17:38

18 Aug 2019 22:36:40
First went down the Villa, when I was14 . This now is my 61 st year as a supporter . So about 26, I wish HaHa UTV.

18 Aug 2019 22:39:16
Dave as you can see, Iv had trouble with posts as well, I reckon Ed’s been on the sherbets.


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