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19 Dec 2020 07:24:21
How much is an injury prone ross barklay worth? Great player if you can get him fit but if he's injured like he was at chelsea, i wouldn't buy him as he will want big wages and a big fee. Keep him fit and you have a truly special player there!


1.) 20 Dec 2020 12:14:27
Can't afford sick note passengers. You're spot on. On his day he is world class but his fitness record isn't great.

2.) 20 Dec 2020 14:10:02
Yes but his history of niggling injuries and now another one can be a bargaining chip when negotiating a permanent transfer fee.



06 Dec 2020 15:04:37
So here the papers go again pick on jack day it was ross barkleys birthday he had the weekend off so he traveled to london mayfair to get drunk with his mate paper reports he was dancing and talking two girls big deal the world need to move on tier 1 tier 2 tier 3 rubbish if your gona live your life as a prisoner then the virus as won an you might aswel be dead. I have no problem with the boys having a party and a drink on the day off jack gets tested so does ross its negative so there no halm in him going to london 4 a party. The prime minsters staff have done it.


1.) 07 Dec 2020 13:20:51
Sadly it’s views and behaviours like this that lead to people dying if people can’t follow the rules then they should be locked up.

2.) 07 Dec 2020 19:53:49
He has had a test he was negative then he went to a place that doesn't really have it so you have more chance of getting it in teir 3 birmingham than london. He hasn't done anything wrong you just want to slate a young lad.

3.) 07 Dec 2020 20:41:59
Sorry rules are rules and he needs to follow them like anyone else I have lost friends and relations to this bloody virus and it’s idiots like you and others like you that lead to innocent people dying. If you can’t say anything sensible then I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself.

4.) 08 Dec 2020 07:38:23
Some people are just cut from different cloth John you can't educate people who are so narrow minded and believe their own crap they write.

5.) 08 Dec 2020 12:15:51
You will all cheer him when his scores tho an even sing his name so think you lot talk rubbish! Its sad people are dieing but jacks negative so he isn't gona pass anything around is he and he went to a place that is even less likely to have it! I can here you sing his name now what hypocrites you are.

6.) 08 Dec 2020 14:13:43
Fact the cases and deaths are higher in London than Birmingham and is not the fact that he's done it this time he has done it 3 times now yet you in your own little world seem to think this is alright. Yes he travelled from a tier 2 to a tier 2 area but you can only mix with people in your own bubble again something he didn't do AGAIN. Have you ever stopped and thought about things before you write because you do make yourself look rather silly and idotic. As for a test how long do you think a test lasts for you might not have it 1 day but you might get it the next so your thoughts on this are totally dumbfounded AGAIN. Hypocrite? People know my thoughts on Jack Yes he is a good player but he is No Ronaldo ok.

7.) 08 Dec 2020 15:32:15
Daz, I replied to the above but I assume it wasn’t posted as I was far less composed and rationale than you, it’s people like Walkies that will ensure we don’t come out of this bloody nightmare as soon as we could otherwise have.

8.) 08 Dec 2020 16:42:37
You will be singing his name saturday tho won't you if he scores!

9.) 08 Dec 2020 19:55:16
No I won’t in fact in my opinion he shouldn’t play you can’t keep flouting the rules with impunity some things are more important than football and this is one of those.

10.) 08 Dec 2020 22:55:36
The powers that be don’t seem to agree that it’s more important than football or there wouldn’t be any football played and certainly not allowing thousands of supporters to attend games, and not even spreading them out around the stadiums I think that’s pretty ridiculous, look at the kop Sunday night, 1 rule for 1 and another for another seems ok by the government.

11.) 08 Dec 2020 23:26:38
It’s about balance and doing things in a controlled manner so I get the need to get football going again not only to keep clubs in business but to help keep football fans sane, however as I say it’s all to do with balance and risk, so I don’t for a minute think anyone on the Kop on Sunday had travelled over 100 miles each way to get there and from the reports I don’t think Jack was observing social distancing guidelines at the bash he was attending either so I don’t think you can say hand on heart it’s one rule for one and one for another. The likes of Jack should be setting an example like Marcus Rashford not flouting rules like they don’t matter, like it or not high profile footballers are role models and are commensurately well paid for it so to fall from the pedestal once is understandable more than once is I’m afraid crass stupidity and if he behaves like an idiot he should be treated like one and made an example of.

12.) 08 Dec 2020 23:33:08
If grelish don't play villa get relegated with him we are crap his the only good player at the club.

13.) 09 Dec 2020 09:13:14
Total crap he is the best player at the club but we have several decent players Luiz, Watkins, McGinn, Barkley, Konsa, Mings to name but a few Jack cannot do what he likes simply because he is the best player at the club if he breaches the rules he should be disciplined like anyone else. In terms of getting relegated I don’t think so, there are certainly three worse clubs than us even if we were without Jack and to be quite frank if it was a choice between one less death because of co vid or us getting relegated then I’m sorry but I would take relegation after all let’s not forget this is only a game.



10 Nov 2020 10:24:13
A lot of you might think i am mad here, but i think we can get europe this season as long as players stay fit. there's no much in this league to be scared of an if he strengthen again jan then who knows.


1.) 10 Nov 2020 15:49:49
There's a chance but I think the results are there because we've mostly played teams we can counter. Leeds and Southampton showed we can be naive when the other team set up to block.
Top 10 should be the aim if we can maintain our levels and anything more is gravy.

2.) 11 Nov 2020 14:41:42
I still think we need a lbk and a midfielder in january mgcinn has been to in an out so far so i would go for somebody like deli ali on loan.

3.) 11 Nov 2020 17:48:47
Deli Ali instead of John maginn 😂😂😂.

4.) 11 Nov 2020 18:48:10
Do not speak of the Lord Mcginn in that manner please. He is not replaceable.

5.) 11 Nov 2020 20:09:35
His been poor last few games.

6.) 12 Nov 2020 02:55:00
If Ali was to get in the team he would have to replace Barkley, Ali wouldn’t do super johns job in a million years they are different type of players, plus he’s a diva and not a patch on what he used to be, no room for “has beings” McGinn might of had 2 bad games but so did the whole team, he was back to usual service against arsenal.

7.) 12 Nov 2020 16:37:22
Did I miss something, or didn't McGinn score a cracking goal after 48 seconds in the last game, only to have it disallowed by the Stockley Park Muppet Show?



23 Sep 2020 23:24:33
Gabby tweeted that we are in for a surprise tomz but then said his said to much an deleted the tweet.


1.) 24 Sep 2020 10:24:34
I hope we haven’t re-signed him 😂.

2.) 24 Sep 2020 10:36:54
Na was the 3rd kit release ha ha.

3.) 24 Sep 2020 10:47:48
Haven't you heard walkies, he's coming back for 1 more season, but only if his vertigo doesn't flare up again.



12 Sep 2020 20:05:38
Rishica medical is monday just had it his signing 100 per cent.


1.) 12 Sep 2020 20:15:39
Front 3 of rashica watkins Bertrand traore would be an amazing upgrade.

2.) 13 Sep 2020 18:59:50
Walk the walk - traore is booked in for his medical tomorrow, Rashica deal is on however talks still on going.

Great business this window, I would absolutely drool if some how we managed to Edouard or king along with traore and Rashica we would have a excellent attacking line and would allow us to slip JG on the inside with McGinn.

Ed any other rumours of substance?




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02 Jan 2021 10:28:52
It seems Utd get a pen every week. Know wonder there top. Iam more furious that Pogba 5 min before told a Utd player to go down. Not happy the Utd player didn't dive he then dived himself cheating. Now on to us watkins needs a rest start Davis against spurs he come on and played great offers us height which helps! I agree with smith nobody is ever gone off with exhaustion but key players looked jaded even Jack needs a rest. No side of Barklay again that guys a crock send him back to chelsea they can't belive they found sum idiots to pay him. His played 4 games since coming maybe 5 the guys a joke its a hamstring shouldn't be out for 3 months for god sake. We are such a good side now tho the togetherness loverly to see. UTV on to the next 1 top 12 this year easy!


1.) 02 Jan 2021 10:50:48
Re- Barkley's injury Walkies it may be all down to brinkmanship in trying to get a good permanent deal IE he's a bit of a crock but we'll take him for X amount. At least that's what I'm hoping and he's not made of glass.

2.) 02 Jan 2021 10:54:13
Fernandes has taken 16 pens in 48 weeks, 1 every 3 weeks, just wonder what other clubs are the closest to that record.
Just hope United don't win the league otherwise it is a cheats charter.

3.) 02 Jan 2021 11:16:50
Don’t flaunt your ignorance Walkies, you clearly have no idea whatsoever about hamstring injuries. But hey let me guess you heard over a cod and chips Barkleys fully fit? Or maybe during your time as a coach at Walsall you were also part of the medical team, remember that one? 😂😂

You are FOS.

4.) 02 Jan 2021 12:31:20
Hamstrings usually take at month. When he 1st had it Smith said 3 weeks. Yes i know about hamstrings. You think this site is just about you an the click his been out far to long for a standard hamstring. Anyway either way if he don't play games we should buy him. Standard business you want somebody whos gona show up for work not be on the sick.

5.) 02 Jan 2021 12:43:55
Standard business no one can take a word you say serious because over the years you just constantly make things up over and over.

6.) 02 Jan 2021 13:21:41
Hamstring injuries take between 3 and 13 weeks to mend, depending on the severity of the injury.
Barkley’s injury occurred exactly 7 weeks ago, so there’s nothing abnormal about the length of time he’s been out.
Deano may well be thinking it’s not worth taking the risk with him as the team has been playing so well.
Surely it’s better to wait until the medical team are absolutely certain he’s 100% recovered from the injury, rather than risk a recurrence.
Also, Moose may well have a good point regarding brinkmanship. It is the January window, something like this may well help lower the asking price for a permanent move. None of us know what’s being discussed between the 2 clubs.

7.) 02 Jan 2021 13:55:22
Probably go something like this Mark
Villa- how much for Barkley?
Chelsea- £40m
Villa-p##s off, he only plays about half a season at best. We'll give you £20m and throw in Lansbury for free.
Chelsea- we'll just call it £20m then.
Villa- (sniggering) suckers!
Barkley- thank f##k that's sorted, can I stop pretending to be injured now boss?

8.) 02 Jan 2021 14:13:29
I bet if a subbuteo player had no balencer on the bottom WTW would still play him clueless again WTW neon embarrassing infact.

9.) 02 Jan 2021 23:07:27
A United fan tried posting a video angle on my Facebook showing Pogba kicking Luiz proves it was a penalty. Just shows how deluded their fans are that they genuinely think that's him being fouled rather than tripping himself up.



31 Dec 2020 19:47:59
Have a very happy new year to you all the edds as well even the people who hate me ha. UTV and stay healthy! God bless you all.


{Ed033's Note - Happy New Year. Sausage and Chips please :)

1.) 31 Dec 2020 20:36:33
Hahahaha love it Ed, happy new year Ed, not sure if you were on tonight.

{Ed033's Note - Happy New Year Villa supporters.



29 Dec 2020 13:28:00
Since shakespeare has come in we are so good training fitness its 2nd to none. Last year smith could be a bit daft but his learn so much we all have as a team the game management is brilliant.

Smith has been amazing since coming i wanted him an my mates said clubs to big 4 him lol how wrong they were. A big well done to the whole of Aston Villa this spell away the fans should learn even me back them an they play better 1 miss place pass an fans went mad. UTV.


1.) 29 Dec 2020 14:15:19
If anyone can decipher that for me please email me at HAVENT.ACLUE.CO.UK And let me know many thanks.

2.) 29 Dec 2020 14:17:29
I am not being awkward Walkies, but you have said the same thing about Deano mate.
If we win you are all over him, but if we lose you want him gone. ?
That is my take on your posts.

3.) 29 Dec 2020 14:21:55
Think it may of been done on a V-Tech from the early learning centre 🤔😂😂😂.

4.) 29 Dec 2020 14:43:30
Inbox: Hi Daz I think it means :=
Deano is daft, but his team are brilliant, he has been good since his come, Walkies wanted him and his mates did, but the club is to big for him, well done all of the Villa, the fans have been away so learn, even walkies backs them now because they play better, one miss pass and the fans go mad.
No replies to this address. 🤣🤣.

5.) 29 Dec 2020 15:25:10
Guys more like WTW had been drinking, so had I and so I understood everything he said 😂😂.

6.) 29 Dec 2020 15:49:06
I've sat here and read that a few times and I'm still non the wiser. Perhaps next year WTW you ask Santa for a brain. Moose I'm afraid V-Tech may be a bit out of his league maybe Etch a Scetch. Dave thanks for email but you've confused me more🤣🤣 and Scott maybe Babysham is not your Liquid mate.

7.) 29 Dec 2020 17:16:11
I think it’s eating all those pickled eggs, at the chip shop . 😂😂😂😂😂😂👍😷.

8.) 29 Dec 2020 18:15:12
I think you'll find it's a word for word quote from Deano whilst waiting for his pie and chips special and small margarita pizza-no onions 😁.

9.) 30 Dec 2020 13:13:21
C'mon guys.
What Walkies is talking about is absolutely clear. We just need the same level of communication to fully understand.

10.) 30 Dec 2020 13:30:07
Or mind bending drugs? 🤔.



25 Dec 2020 16:47:03
Merry christmas everybody! Enjoy your family time and stay safe! Edds thanx for all your hard work all year round!


{Ed033's Note - Merry Christmas



21 Dec 2020 05:35:21
Amazing win great team performance. Told you konsa would be out. Love how we play Jack was great but traoré special! UTV.


1.) 21 Dec 2020 09:25:04
You didn’t say he was out did you though? You said he was a doubt due to CV. Quite different from saying he is out.

2.) 21 Dec 2020 09:48:55
Chris, so negative.

3.) 21 Dec 2020 17:52:07
^^^ Pot Kettle springs to mind.




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22 Dec 2020 15:52:59
You no nothing.




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21 Dec 2020 20:54:52
I agree i don't mind the banter but I was definitely not lying about him having C.V. luckly 4 us our chip shop is in a rich area and many footy players come in not all Villa. Hutton was in last week as well with his very fit mrs. The info i get is correct.

Maybe doubt is a wrong word i just no he had C.V. hause didn't say when he tested positive just that he did his brother is a very funny chap. 1 thing i will say is the closeness between seems to be very gud the way they all talk about each other.




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20 Dec 2020 22:55:18
Its players discretion and if his been training with other players we prob didn't want the game call off because his been around them. House told me himself with his brother so everybody elses view doesn't bother me! So if you have genuine info maybe we shouldn't put it up because u just get called a liar well he didn't play i and hause was right!




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08 Dec 2020 23:33:08
If grelish don't play villa get relegated with him we are crap his the only good player at the club.




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08 Dec 2020 16:42:37
You will be singing his name saturday tho won't you if he scores!





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02 Jan 2021 12:31:20
Hamstrings usually take at month. When he 1st had it Smith said 3 weeks. Yes i know about hamstrings. You think this site is just about you an the click his been out far to long for a standard hamstring. Anyway either way if he don't play games we should buy him. Standard business you want somebody whos gona show up for work not be on the sick.




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21 Dec 2020 09:48:55
Chris, so negative.




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20 Dec 2020 16:17:48
Wait till you find out i want u all to say sorry.




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20 Dec 2020 12:02:55
No i actually heard it off 1 person down i know down the villa. Then korney hause came in my brothers chipshop yesturday would you belive had fish cake an salad what a loverly guy he was with his brother who has a massive afro but had a laugh with them both. UTV.




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19 Dec 2020 23:29:33
His not a out an out striker his a good player but definitely more of a winger we smashed burnley in chances but watkins didn't touch the ball really so what's that telling you!